Grab Your Party Cannon

Welcome to Creativity Punch! A hobby blog for animation, comics and literature. I’ll be featuring all that catches my fancy in here and feel free to share! I’d love to meet people of the same interests.

I’d also be posting stories and comics of my own and I would love to read your reviews. It would help me a lot. So don’t be shy 😉

What inspired me to create this blog

It’s awfully lonely when you’re a geek of the dying breed. It’s rare to find people who still talks about old animation, how they came to be to what’s new in Disney or Pixar or Dreamworks. So if I can’t find them around me, surely there are others out there who give a damn?

Writers, too, are many but strangely are hard to find. I hardly met anyone who’s an online or offline writer, much less a writer who has no to little formal training. If we’d review each other’s work maybe we can give each other helpful advice.

Meaning of Title

A blast of color in the mundane

I always value creativity and I admire the stories created by writers and artists alike. Where do they get these ideas? They have filled my mind with wonder ever since I was a kid. Then I added the word “Punch!” because I like the spontaneity the word brings hand in hand with creativity. It makes people think of a blast of colours out of the mundane. This is life, people, let’s bring out some colours into it!