How to Get Informative Reviews in Fanfiction Writing

Find out how to Maximize your Potential in Fanfiction Writing through Informative Reviews

by Amanda Mamalio

Many authors have their own opinions and reactions about fanfiction writing. The bottom line is this: if the author says no then don’t and as long as you don’t profit from it then they’ll leave you alone.

Fanfiction must be the means and not the end for your talent in writing. If you are going to do something you have passion in and has a gift in it, you might as well be paid for it.


How Readers Feel Upon Reading A Perfectly Decent Fanfic

How Readers Feel Upon Reading A Perfectly Decent Fanfic (smooth flow of storytelling sequences, in-character, effective mood setting, for example)

There is a gist of truth in the benefit of fanfiction writing –it can be used as a training ground for writers in storytelling. After all, a writer has to write about something he loves first before a work can be written. Then he would need a fresh pair of eyes to view his works and observe the strengths and flaws that the writer needs to be aware of. This is where informative reviews come in.

The advantages of fanfictions are:

  • There is a ready set of readers who wants more out of the book, movie, TV show: you can write your original works and post it in the internet these days. However, you don’t have to build an audience when you write a fanfic. This way, you can immediately test out your story telling skill.
  • You get a high chance of free feedback from your work because of the large audience: note the word “high chance” because not a lot of people leave reviews and informative reviews, rarer.
  • You get to meet serious writers who share the same interests: this is something the articles can help you with. Serious writers who are also using fanfiction writing as a training ground will be able to help each other in giving informative reviews to each other’s works and discussing styles, tips and the finer points of writing.

However, the disadvantages are:

How Readers React to a Badly Written Fanfic (OOC, bad grammar and plot holes among other things)

How Readers React to a Badly Written Fanfic (OOC, bad grammar and plot holes among other things)

  • Fanfiction Writing doesn’t teach you how to write a captivating story from ground base zero: Because the background story of the setting and characters are already there, fanfiction can stump a writer when he turns to create original works. Fanfiction writing can be helpful in writing plausible conversations and in how to show and not tell. But if the writer gets too used in writing fanfiction, everything he has learned from it can be useless if he doesn’t learn how to tell his own story that will captivate a reader’s interest.
  • It’s a rip-off and you don’t get paid for it: the writer must not get too attached to his fanfic. So no matter how much you pour your heart and soul in it, it’s not yours and never will it be. If you are to get something out of fanfiction writing, it must be to learn some aspects of storytelling in preparation to writing your original works for it.
  • Anyone can grab your original ideas based on your fanfic: if you can think up of a unique angle based on a book, movie or TV show; if you put those characters in an interesting situation that you have never read or seen before –chances are others haven’t too. Since you own nothing in fanfiction, you don’t own that special moment between a love team that is uniquely yours and those stupefying powers you have put in your OC. So stomp that growl of resentment if you suddenly see it in other fanfictions or worse in original media that actually gets paid. It can happen –save it for your original works.

The following articles aim not to inform how to increase reviews. These articles is for writers who are planning to write original works some day and is using fanfiction writing to strengthen their storytelling skills. Faves-without-comment or reviews of less than 5 words, these are for you if you already have a muscle strain from rolling up your eyes. The aim is to teach how to get informative reviews that can help writers produce better stories in the near future and later on, their original works.

Most reviews, however flattering, are not very informative. Examples of one-liner reviews are:

  • “Good job! Write more!”
  • “I love your story! UPDATE PLZ!”
  • “Lolz. This is so sweet :)”

As heart-warming as their reactions are, they’re not very helpful. Even if you get a hundred of them, it doesn’t tell you things that you might be missing or tell you specifically what you are doing right.

They do mean well though.

If you want informative reviews, all you have to do is ask –but you have to learn how to do it.

Is this something you think you are interested in?

If yes, check out these other articles coming out soon:

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  • How Networking can Help You in Fanfiction and Give You More than Reviews

As you can see, this group of articles aims to help writers write more effectively through informative reviews. If you have ideas, opinions or reactions of your own about Fanfiction Writings, I’d be glad to hear about it.



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