Rape Is Not Art, It’s A Crime

Promoting A  Petition to Remove Art Depicting Rape Created by Cynthia Breheny

 by Amanda Mamalio
Rape is NOT an art, it's a crime

Rape is one of the lowest, most derogatory forms of abuse a sentient being can inflict to another. Here in Deviant Art where we fall in love with beauty, color and imagination, let us not ignore a crime that stays with victims forever. Rape is not and never a part or form of art.

Usually I would just ignore content that I do not agree with. But there is always a line. From Cynthia Breheny who has started a petition against rape depicted as art says:

“As a victim of abuse, I find it extremely offensive that there is artwork posted on this site that depicts the rape and torture of innocent men, women, and children. Whether it’s a cartoon, a photo, or a literary work, I believe that allowing these things to be posted and shown to the general public is a form of encouragement for these kinds of behaviors.”

True in Deviant Art, we can put on the filter for mature content. But turning a blind eye is like permitting a crime to continue. She further says:

“Rape isn’t just mature content. It’s a criminal act that stays with victims forever. The site displays art with adults and children in chains, crying and beaten with descriptions and lines of commentary about how sexy it is. True, they remove art depicting children when reported, but I don’t believe that just because someone is over the age of 18, it’s okay for them to be victimized either.”

You don’t have to be a feminist to protest against rape being depicted as art. You only have to be humane. As a member of Deviant Art, I agree with what Cynthia says:

“I don’t think Deviant Art should be one of them when it has so much more to offer and such a wider range of users, most of which use the site professionally and I don’t believe are in favor of such horrific depictions either. ”

Please, in behalf of everyone, I would like to appeal to your better nature and conscience. Sign the petition in: https://www.change.org/petitions/deviant-art-remove-art-depicting-rape#share


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