Creativity Punch! Presents: Trying Human

A Comic Review of Trying Human -A Well-researched Webcomic in Alien Abductions With More Than Just A Human Touch

by Amanda Mamalio

The protagonists: Rose (left) and Hue (right). Is the truth out there or just right here?

The protagonists: Rose (left) and Hue (right). Is the truth out there or just right here?


“It’s like seeing a fairy and knowing they exist!” –Rose from Trying Human

Trying Human is an ongoing web comics of Emy Bitner about two women of different timelines in a web of alien abductions, secret governments –including the bonds that tie them with people in and out of this world.

A tale of two women. Slowly their story unravels the link between the two.

A tale of two women. Slowly their story unravels the link between the two.

This is a recommended must-read for anyone who ever wonder, even for a flitting moment, about “The Truth Out There”. The story runs and smoothly shifts from one timeline to another that are somehow linked together. Before I read it, I was only mildly interested and thinking, “Oh no, another addiction. Very well, I won’t be ensnared.”

How wrong I am.

As the pages turn, Trying Human opened a new world for me –a secret world that suspiciously might be going on behind our backs. I used to shrug off alien abductions. But the comic has brought it into a realistic level that made me question a lot of things. Why do they abduct people? What really happened before? Is the government really involved and why?

Meet Hue: the only Grey who smiles :)

Meet Hue: the only Grey who smiles 🙂

Then it had me guessing what will happen next in the story? How are they connected? What are they hiding? Why don’t they say it? When will they say it?!

The characters are so grounded you probably may have known them in real life. But what is surprising most of all is how the most human in them is Hue –which is kind of ironic since his name sounds like the first syllable of human. So far, Hue’s my favourite character. He’s your regular bug-eyed gray alien that you see in tabloids but that description of ordinary stops there. When you get to know him more, it’s like knowing a part of you that you kept away from the real world because it might get hurt. He’s like your inner child that you secretly protect most of all.

But what stick to my head are the moments between the characters –its xenophillic but it’s so down to earth, it plunges a hand into your chest and grips your heart. The story builds their relationships in a way that makes sense –in a way that is human. It’s tentatively trusting, endearing, inquisitive and complicated with conflicts both inside and outside.

Emy Bitner really knows how to make the moments count.

Emy Bitner really knows how to make the moments count.

These lines are one of the unforgettable moments in the comic:

“If you were a human, I’d be in love.”

“If I were anyone but me, I’d reciprocate.”

See why I recommend this as a must-read?

It’s just too bad this comic is a work in progress. Readers have to wait for a page or two in a week. Also, some parts are being redrawn. Once you finish to the latest, you’re left hanging to what will happen next. Then you’d have to entertain yourself for a while with her other posts like her redraws, work in progress and prints.

While readers wait for the updates, you can go check Emy Bitner's Gallery in www.

While readers wait for the updates, theycan go check Emy Bitner’s Gallery in www.

Speaking of which, Book One of Trying Human will soon be available in prints. I think people would want to buy it once they’ve read it online. Emy Bitner really put herself in there. The illustrations are fluid and detailed. You can easily grasp the mood of the scenes by the way its drawn and colored. The characters as I have mentioned before are real. They’re not perfect and they’re complicated. Their communications are realistic; it’s like having people talk inside your head. The reality of the story also seems plausible. This description is confirmed once you’ve done a bit of research in alien abduction that I suspect is elicited by the comic itself.

Trying Human is a must-read comic even for people who has no to little interests in aliens –like me. It’s a tale of aliens and humans and the stuff between. So if you ever wonder about the truth out there… how about Trying Human?

Visit the website at!


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