Creativity Punch! Presents: There She Is!

What can Go Wrong in a Love Story between a Cat and a Rabbit?

 by Amanda Mamalio


Love knows no boundaries. Try applying that in a world of cats and rabbits. “There She Is!” is a Korean animation by a group of three artists called “SamBakZa”. Composing of five episodes, it tells the story of Nabi the cat and Doki the rabbit in a society that considers romantic interspecies relationships a taboo.

The Story in a Nutshell. Will their relationship work in the midst of strong social opposition?

The Story in a Nutshell. Will their relationship work in the midst of strong social opposition?

This Valentine’s Day (what the heck, and in any other day), this is a must watch animation or must watch again if you have seen it before. I recommend this animation because:

  • Cute Simple Drawing Styles
Light colors are dominantly used with brighter darker ones for emphasis

Light colors are dominantly used with darker ones for emphasis

The way the animation is drawn looks clean and simple with heads slightly bigger in proportions of their bodies. The colours are sparse with the whole animation almost being white. This emphasizes the trademark colours of the characters such as Nabi’s green scarf. It also brings attention to the mood of the scenes such as the colours of the sky or Doki’s love heart expressions when she’d chase him down.

  • Romance, Action and Comedy Rolled into One
That Awkward Moment...

That Awkward Moment…

The story starts with a one-sided love at first sight scenario. It then builds up into a persistent chase scene with misfortune at the receiving end of the girl’s love. Even though the drawings are simple; their actions are fast, coordinated and fluid. This is especially seen in Nabi during chase scenes where he shows speed and cat-like reflexes throughout the episodes. Unfortunately, it is sometimes not enough as he still gets hurt for the girl –literally.

  • A Subtle Message Presented Without Words
Faced with the Conflict

Faced with the Conflict

Nobody talks in the episodes except for the times some of the characters would mouth along the lyrics of the songs played in the background. However, they don’t need to talk to spell out what the whole animation is trying to say.

The first episode shows how they met. The second and third shorts build up their relationship. The fourth is where the conflict crashes around them. Then finally, the fifth presents its epic conclusion.

The pros and antis on interspecies relationships became more and more aggressive. Through the actions of Doki and Nabi amidst the chaos  between two activists groups, the message shines through: It doesn’t matter.

In the End, It Doesn't Matter.

In the End, It Doesn’t Matter.

It doesn’t matter what people think. People will damn you whatever you would do.

I remember wondering why the protagonists didn’t support the pros. But all Doki and Nabi want is to be together –in a paradise or not.

That’s what matters.

“There She Is!” is a must-see animation for anyone who loves a warming love story with a conflict that is strangely familiar. If you get the message in the midst of smooth action scenes and moments that would make you laugh and go “Aaw…” then perhaps the better this world would be.

Visit to know more of “There She Is!”



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