Classics Never Die

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Image from

 by Amanda Mamalio

I remember watching this movie as a kid but I barely remember it. After browsing through some Disney art book, I came into some clips of it and decided to watch the movie. It feels a bit like time travel as I watch it in hopes that I will appreciate it as an adult.

When the credits rolled, I was picking my jaw off the table. The movie is old but the magic is still there. I fell in love with Roger because laughter is a powerful thing but sometimes we forget that especially when we grow up into adults.

The actors were spectacular, the artists could have all the technology in the world but the toons wouldn’t be real if it wasn’t the actors’ way of interacting with them -especially Bob Hoskins. That’s what got me. The moviemakers manage to make toons “be” real in the real world.

It was fun seeing your childhood cartoons together like Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse and their friends. It was more hilarious the way they point out that nothing is what it seems like Baby Herman, a cigar-smoking, cussing cherub who’s calls Roger “a dear friend of mine” or Jessica, Roger’s surprisingly moral wife who unsurprisingly attracts trouble.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit is one of the finest achievements in the crossbreed movies of animation and live-action. Even after all this years, it proves that great classics never die.


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